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Cafe Coyote Sports Bars - A Home of Truly Authentic Mexican Meals

October 23, 2009
· Sir Walter Waffil Reviews 

Categories: Sports Bars, Seafood, Mexican

Sir Walter’s Rating: ★★★★½

Sports Arena / Old Town

Mid-San Diego

2461 San Diego Ave

San Diego, CA 92110

Cafe Coyote is one of the most famous sports bars in San Diego and the home of truly authentic Mexican meals. I really love Mexican food and came to know that this bar is really famous for it, which makes sense seeing that it is in Old Town. I got the opportunity to visit the bar recently and I was extremely impressed with its interior and exterior design. Everything was systematic here and the service showed it. The tables were set in an outdoor patio, where I got the opportunity to enjoy a tasty Mexican appetizer, the Fiesta Sampler while watching the historic Old Town whimsy.

I saw many young couples who were out on dates. The atmosphere gave me a nice feeling and brought back memories of my younger days. I still feel well and fit at the age of 50. I also enjoyed Café Coyotes homemade margaritas to wash down the delicacies. I then got the pleasure to meet Mario the Tequila Ambassador and everyday he teaches his guests about Tequila’s history. Within no time the food was served and it was absolutely amazing.

After my meal of the Carne Asada Plate featuring their famous handmade flour tortillas, I went straight to the bar inside. The Café Coyote San Diego sports bar is outstanding and filled with a joyous and fun traditional Mexican atmosphere. There was also some soft Latina music that was giving me a feeling of romance. I asked the bartender for Pineau de la Loire, a nice American wine. I was served well and the wine really was so smooth and delicious. Another attraction of this place were the different sporting events that were sponsored by Café Coyote. There were big LCD screens and people really seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Bio: Sir Walter Waffil is a famous chef, technologist, and entrepreneur. He was born and raised in Devon, South West England, and was Knighted by the Queen in 1953 for culinary excellence. In recent years Sir Walter installed several Plasma/LCD televisions in his restaurants for his patron’s enjoyment. He envisioned an advertising apparatus expanding the footprint of his televisions to promote special offers and notifications. And so the WAFFiL was born ( Sir Waffil has submitted multiple patents for his advertising apparatus and mobile technology under his company ScreenWorks Media. According to him, his mantra of Wireless-Ad-Frame-For-Interactive-Loyalty (WAFFiL) is a household name.

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